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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

McD Monopoly Singapore!

Love Playing to Win... that's the slogan for McD's Monopoly Singapore!

Many people asked me what is this game about and why is it related to McD especially for those who are staying in Malaysia. Well this game is only valid in Singapore McDonald but those who really wanna win can drop by Singapore and eat McD meal as much as you can to win!!! Haha!

4 pairs of 2 stickers for each upsized McD meal :)

Well basically it's a competition where by you will need to collect the stickers from each McD meal that you buy. For each meal, you will be able to receive 2 pairs of 2 stickers. For upsized meal, you will receive 4 pairs of 2 stickers, that's 8 stickers all together! WOW! To win is not so easy but it's not that hard as well... I got myself a few instant win such as the McD apple pie, brewed coffee and some discounts fro ToyRus. The mission is to complete the same colour pieces of a few locations on the McD monopoly paper board. So easy but yeah, it's not easy to find the last piece... SENTOSA COVE! THE ONE AND ONLY 50K SING DOLLAR PRIZE!

The McD monopoly board game.

You gotta stick stick on the board, complete it and you will win the prize stated!

That's all for now folks! Happy playing!