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Friday, April 30, 2010

My Beauty Diary Facial Mask

This is an advertorial post

Sunnanz is proud to bring you Taiwan's hottest selling facial mask - My Beauty Diary Face Mask also known as 我的美丽日记面膜 (Wo De Mei Li Ri Ji).

1 Box = RM28
3 Boxes = RM80

This is a very good deal right?
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good day!

Last last Monday, right after the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair week, Fariz & I went to collect the Blackberry Storm 2 that we won from the Celcom blogging contest.

We collected the Blakberry Storm 2 from Nuffnang office in the afternoon. They were quite busy at that time and the didn't have much time and manpower to entertain the both of us but we saw Timothy & Robb were seriously working on something… maybe the whole team was sorting out those bloggers who got invited to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair and came will receive RM50 into their nuffnang accounts.

Anyway, from my point of view. The Blackberry Storm 2 is a good phone with it's capability of BBM function. The processor of the phone is pretty fast and the web browsing experience is better than any other branded phone like Nokia, Sony Ericsson or Samsung. The menu interface is simple and I like the auto & fast orientation from portrait to landscape view. For those  One thing I am still wondering until now is, how did they create a technology whereby u will have to 'click' on the LCD panel when it is turned ON while when it's OFF, I am not able to feel the 'click' anymore. I call it 'The Magic of Storm'… haha… anyway, I am already decided to sell this phone away to those who are interested as I prefer using my current iPhone 2G which has served me for more than half a year.

For those who are interested in this phone do let me know. Latest market price for original set is RM1850… price is fully negotiable yeah!



Monday, April 26, 2010

Sister's Birthday Celebration during Earth Hour

My sister's birthday was actually on the 23rd of March but I only managed to meet her during the Earth Hour which was on the 27 March, 2010. So this we went to Feeling Musical Cafe in Wangsa Maju with a close few friends.

Welcome to FeelingCafe.

My sister's plate: Black Pepper Lamb Chop RM13.90

Our side dish... Snacks Combo RM14.90

Chicken Maryland RM13.90
This is nice too especially the fried sausage... it's huge! :D

Chef's Special Baked Fish RM14.90
The fish is really thin lor...

My plate: Milan Special Cheese & Ham Chicken Chop RM14.90
Very filling, the ham and the chicken chop are nicely cooked.
I like the special green sauce with mayonnaise.

The simple menu cover...

My sister's Little Angel RM6.90
Looked nice on the outside, inside taste ok!

My Iced Jasmine Green Tea RM4.50 
Just like any other ordinary jasmine green tea.

Happy Birthday Sis! :D

Total paid: RM119.15 plus service and government tax!

My opinion, I think the atmosphere of the place is very neat and a warm feeling.
The price of the food is not expensive, when you are entertained with singers and also can request for a deck of playing cards. So here's my rating...

Feeling Musical Cafe
No. 5 & 6, 1st Floor, Jalan Metro Wangsa,
Section 2, Wangsa Maju,
53300, Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: 60-3-41423086


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

***Unrelated: I have collected the Blackberry Storm 2 from Nuffnang office. I'm still deciding whether I should keep my iPhone or start using the Storm? I really like the web browsing experience in iPhone! None comparable at the moment! :D


Sorry for being MIA about a week as I am very busy lately with my work and weekend activities. Anyway, for bloggers who knew about this fair especially Nuffies... I think most of you have posted about the event and what joy and fun it has brought to you during the very special event. So I might reposting the same thing but I will emphasize more on the fellow bloggers that I have met during the event! :)

My partner, Fariz & I reached Berjaya Times Square, the venue of the fair at 9am sharp and the very 1st moment we reached there we saw Ching Yih, Krazygal & Spectre. After that, came along Supia, Lemon & her boyfriend. We has been informed by monyet kecil, Feeq to meet up at Krispy Kreme 1st before proceeding to the fair which is just situated next to it!

My breakfast for the day, Black Coffee & donuts... I prefer Starbucks' coffee and Big Apple's donuts still. Anyway, this breakfast set cost me RM5.50. Considered as cheap but it was not filling at all.

The early comers! Group shot at Krispy Kreme! :D

Additional of myself & Aidi-safuan.

Registration! Few hundred bloggers turned up very early. Just that they registration delayed to 10am. The Nuffnang guys really understand about the Malaysia time culture. Haha! :D

The lucky draw worth RM15,000 all together! I want that Blackberry Bold & Acer Ferrari Laptop! XD

The Malaysian Book of Record breaking shot. If I'm not wrong 518 bloggers attended this fair! Correct me if I'm wrong! :D

Malaysia Book of Record Certificate for being the most bloggers attended event in Malaysia!

Me, Fariz, Fiona, Wendy & Krazygal! Krazygal did a great job climbing the Rocky Mountain! Being the 1st lady to do it & it was timed under 1 minute 30 secs. She got 8 points coupon instead of 6 points! She's so good in climbing & bargaining! Haha! XD

Jayleo, me, Aidi-safuan (the Blackberry Storm lucky winner!), Cloudfly & Krazygal!

These are all we got from the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair. I didn't play much of the games as I was quite busy taking photos around. But I do enjoy some of the game and thanks to those who have video-ed me during the fair. Really grateful to Vince92!

I hope Nuffnang & Gatsby will organize another fun event again in future.
This one was a great success! :D


Friday, April 16, 2010

Long Kee Restaurant @ Sungai Siput

***Unrelated: Tomorrow Blackberry, Saturday Gatsby Fair, Sunday PC Fair! Yahoooooo!!!

Two weeks ago, I followed my dad to Sungai Siput for Qing Ming. 
(As I had mentioned here)
Qing Ming is a Chinese culture where by there's a time of the year, which usually falls on April… Families will gather together to visit their ancestor's grave.

During the night when we reached Sg Siput, all the restaurants where very packed. It must have been the reason because most of the family members have returned to their hometown for Qing Ming. So we decided to dine in Long Kee Restaurant.
Long Kee Restaurant is a normal enclosed air-conditioned Chinese restaurant. It has roughly about not more than 10 tables which can fit about 6-10pax. We were very hungry after our 2 hours journey from KL and we wasted some time looking for a not so crowded/busy restaurant… Even at Fong Kee, we waited for more than 5 minutes for the captain to take order from us. They had only 3-4 workers at that moment and I can see that they are pretty occupied.

Anyway, the captain was so thoughtful to suggest us a new breed from Norway which is the Norway Emerald Fish with Omega-6. My uncle even know that this fish was published in the newspaper and the breed was created by some 'angmoh'.

So we really curious about how good is this fish in taste and also the benefits for our health.

The prawns are good! I am a prawn person, i can eat prawn without peeling the skin off & suck all the juice of the prawn head... :)
 This one is my all-time-favorite! My dad know I like this ever since I was a child. Too bad this one is not as good as I thought, the gravy was too sour. Btw, did I mention that this restaurant is non halal? Haha...
So this was the outcome of the recommended fish by the captain. It was really fresh!!! I really like the gravy. The cook did a really good job on that.
Seriously I hate long bean, but this one is an exception! Not too dry and the taste is just simply delicious!
 It has been a long time I didn't had fried omelette with Char Siu (BBQ Pork).
I ate almost half of this! XD
Not to be a bias person, I was suppose to give 5 Munkeys rate for the taste but too bad the Sweet & Sour Pork Rip a bit sour and we didn't taste any sweetness due to the large amount of sourness.

So guess how much did the meal cost? My dad predicted RM80+ and me, RM100+
I was a bit overestimated the restaurant!!!

Guess how much? 
SO CHEAP LOR!!! 5 dishes, 3 Chinese tea & 1 warm water, 4 sets of rice!
If you can find this kind of deal in KL, let me know and I don't mind to tag u along!!! MY TREAT

We were once hungry… but then we were filled with SATISFACTION! :D


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I WON that Limited Edition Autographed Caps by Nico Rosberg!!!


Do you guys remember about the post I've written a few weeks ago about Nico Rosberg.
Nico Rosberg is a Formula One driver for team Mercedes and he was the third driver to complete the Malaysian GP recently in Sepang Circuit.

The good news is, I actually won his autographed cap from Mike Yip.
I collected the cap with Ching Yih in Starbucks, The Curve.
The cap now is hanging on my coat stand in my office now.

Thanks to Mike Yip for the generous gift!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Battle of the Band @ Sunway Pyramid

***Unrelated: I have realized that many of my readers prefer and enjoy my food photography compared to the event photos itself. Should I pursue myself being a food blogger or just continue what I normally post about currently? Do let me know your opinion. Thanks!

The Battle of the Band stage.

We were 1st entertained by a group of b-boy in a battle of break dancing.

Happening around the void area, these beautiful ladies were promoting the new LUMIX cam.

Entertain them and they'll let u be the champ! :D

Let's the show begin!

I only managed to watch three bands performed before I move myself to witness the Earth Hour in KLCC.

So how did you celebrate the Earth Hour?

Did you support the event by switching off your lights from 8.30-9.30pm?

Did anyone of you made some babies? :D

Do drop by your activities in my comment box ya!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Alpha Season 2 Launch!

Last night it was the launching of the Project Alpha: Malaysia's Top Blogger Season 2!
I was invited after commenting about it in the Nuffnang site.
It was easy-pesy though...

I got 2 invites so I brought along my business partner, Fariz Dedek.

The launch is held in e@curve, 7.30pm
My very 1st time visit!

The very 1st blogger I met there was Ching Yih.
He was in my previous post, Samsung 3D LED TV launch.
A very friendly and charming guy but too bad he belongs to someone now! LOL

Lots of activities happening through out the launch...
Registration, photo session, food and interacting with the bloggers!

I was eying for this beautiful lady on the night! 
Jojo Struys!
She looks so gorgeous isn't it? XD

While waiting for the movie premier, I came upon this.
Fourfeetnine standing side by side to Shaolin Tiger!
Shaolintiger was actually kneeling next to Fourfeetnine!
He is 4'9" on his knee!
He's so freaking tall!

The very good looking bloggers! LOL
From left to right: Ching Yih, Jason, CleverMunkey, Baboon Tan
Btw, do we look like F4?
Malaysian version at least?

A photo of me and my date for the night! LOL...

My business partner, Fariz Dedek really admirer Jojo! 
He loves watching Pillow Talk hosted by Jojo!

I had a chance to meet Xiaxue in person as well.
Who is she? She is Singapore's top blogger! :)
All the way from Singapore with newly married husband!

Not to forget, I also got 2 invites for the movie premier 'Kick Ass'.
This movie really kick-ed ass!!!
It's really funny and I like the action so much! :D

This is what we got from the launch!
I really like the smell of the deodorant from Adidas!
Thank you Nuffnang for the invites and yes...