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Thursday, June 29, 2017

I Want a Samsung 4K Curved TV! New or Used?

I noticed there are some gadgets lying around unused in my house and I felt like it's a waste. Some of them I which I bought many years back, some I won from lucky draw, got a few as a gift and also some which I got from the events which I have attended. It came to my knowledge that a few of those were never been opened and used before hence it's as good as brand new!

For example, I have a Sharp CRT TV and a PlayStation 3 that I have stopped using and playing since I am too busy to do that. A brand new Samsung stereo headset which I got from an event and never opened it. I also have a Ninetology Android smartphone that was given to me for review and I didn't utilise it at all after I was done with the blogpost.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The 13th Annual Roasters Chicken Run is Back in 2017!

In its 13th consecutive year running, the annual ROASTERS Chicken Run (RCR) by Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) is back! The KRR family who are strong advocates of an active and healthy lifestyle is inviting all to shed the calories and simultaneously contribute back to the community. Do check out my experience for last year's run here.

Happening at Berjaya Times Square on 16th July 2017 (Sunday) from 7:00am onwards, participants will be running a pre-designated route of 5km (for runners aged 13 and above) or 2km (for runners ages 7 to 12 years old). 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tiger #Uncagemusic Block Party Concludes Urbanscapes 2017

Last month on the 21st of May, I was invited to the Tiger #Uncagemusic Block Party which is the finale event of Urbanscapes 2017. The party was held with an array of activities along The Row, KL. 

The area was transformed in line with Urbanscapes’ theme, ‘Rediscover KL’, making it the hub to go to for music and arts lovers. Highlight of the party was the exclusive show by two renowned international bands, the Canadian electronic synth-punk duo Crystal Castles and South Korean indie rockers hyukoh at Slate.