This is not a blog post about National Geography or Discovery Channel.....

Bumblebee is well known as a hardworking insects. They work day and night to seek high and low for honey. They flew in a group in order to bring back the honey to their colonies and feed the rest of the bees. Unfortunately, one bee got lost and unlucky me to bump into this bumblebee!

Sometimes bee can be cute..... "SOMETIMES!"

-Photo taken by my mum (Nikon D60)-

My hand was stung this morning. Still swollen at night trying to get the sting out.

Don't worry ^-^ It's gonna be alright.....


Seizhin said...

Haha, doesnt look too bad.
I once got the same problem on my neck, at least it's not fatal :)

Hopefully you'll recover soon!

eunice said...

This bumble bee photo is very nice! Scary to be stung by bees though..

馨韵公主™ Princess Xin Yun said...

Look not so serious!
take care

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

owh. bees are fatal. imagine they stung your neck or some fatal points

Keong said...

I got a sting on my body once during camping b4..
don't know what stung me.. probably a bee.
It got swollen and was kinda pain for a few days..

After looking at your pic, high possibility is a bee sting.. thought it was just an ant bite last time.

Tabib said...

Good macro shot!

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