Motor-MANIA (Part 3)

A Special episode of Motor-MANIA!

The Making of Motor Mania....

My colleagues and I went to Likas Sport Complex to snap some photographs of speeding bike during the past few weeks and nobody can imagine what we need to go through just to snap some satisfying photos. I really admirer those pro-photographer who went all the way to Artic or into the deep jungle bravely carrying their camera equipments that cost a fortune to most of us!


This is what a Malay idiom used to say,"Bak pepatah Melayu, bersusah-susah dahulu, bersenang-senang kemudian!" :p


My colleague took this candid photo when this HOT DiGi promoter was trying to flirt with me! LoL~ Just kidding! She was actually promoting the reload with free gift during that Petronas Cub Prix event.


Seriously someone is so gonna KILL me for this! XD




Unfortunately, it turn up to be a free bonus gift ~ just a 'stupiak' PVC bag!

Trying my luck to get the motorbike! That DiGi promoter said it might be 165 ping pong balls inside the glass box. Hmmm...maybe she lied! :(

Finally, it's time to say goodbye! We didn't wasted out short-short one hour. It was a good experience and fruitful after all.... ^^

This is what I got from the Petronas Cub Prix beside the chicks and motorbike photos! Hehe! :)


Well..... a reminder to all ya bikerz out there, do wear your helmet and safety gear when you are riding your bike. Remember your love ones!

Till then...... ^^


Joy said...


emm..dat dummy looks crepy tho

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Seriously someone is gonna kill for picture no.2

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