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Monday, September 22, 2008

Canon EOS Seminar Review!

Ok the seminar was fun, the food was good and the models were pretty & hot so here's the pictures.....
(Hahaha! Too lazy to eleborate! XD)

We meet up at McD at 6am, tapau then we went to the STAR beach for breakfast!

Caught Calvin snapping on this shower head so I tried to snap one myself too~

Weii...apa kacau-kacau? People want to sleep also want to do candid shot ar? :p

Ala......We never thought got breakfast before the seminar. What a waste! x$$$x

The multi-million dollar tripod by Gerry.....

So many people participating in the seminar.....

So we managed to witstand the first two sessions but unfortunately some just dozed off~

As you can see, many photographers just crowding the place to get their best shots for the competition...

and out of a sudden.....this fella came out and had taken some of the photographer's attentions.

Now for the moment of truth: Drum roll*~ the BIG GUNS OF CANON!
EOS-1Ds & EOS-1D


Where are the pretty girls? Coming on the next post~~

Tahan...tahan..... (Heheheee~)