Holy Spirit Camp (Part 1)

Last week on Merdeka Day, many of us are celebrating our national day at Padang Bandaran in KK and even many of us are having recreation and relaxation with family and friends. This year’s national day was quite different from any other national day I celebrated, my youth group - D’Reign was having a Holy Spirit camp at Sea Park Condotel, a place to stay where you only require driving for 5 minutes to reach our beautiful beach scenery of Tanjung Aru.

We started our journey from BCCM Rainfield at 2pm and arrived safely at the condotel about 2.30pm. Thanks to all the parents who were so helpful and willing to send some of us to the condotel when we are so tight in transportation. Bravo~

So here are some photos I took throughout the camp. ENJOY~

Waiting for the rest to arrive in BCCM Rainfield.....


*The youth at the Conference Room.

*Game time: Playing with our smelly shoes? Haha…..
*Saw an ugly cat at the condotel. You can see this cat everywhere you go, TRUST ME!
*Finally, after a bored session of preaching. (Jz kidding…..) We went to Tg. Aru beach for outdoor games….. Nice~ :)
*We played Captain’s Ball. You can see many basketball players from KK High & Tshung Tsin showing off their skills…..
*Then we played ‘kejar-kejar’ @ chase until we fell down on the soft sandy ground…..
*Playing with water balloon using sea water? I better run now…..Run Nikon Run!!!! :p
*Finally, they finished playing…..All wet except for me! Yeah~
*Back to the condo. A random shot of my car…. Nice leh? XD
*Object lesson time: 3 Blind Mice…..hehe…. :p
*Never too tall for you when you use your brain to think… Be creative & smart ok?
*Oh…..now you know what were they asked to do, right? YUCKEEEE~~~
*It tastes so good that all of them finished everything! ASTER’S BRAND! XD
*Their innocent faces after knowing what they actually have drank….. EWWWW~~~

*End of Day 1. To be continue.....

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hmm, it's quite odd being the first one to drop a comment here and first time commenting on your post. Youth Alpha sounds like a fraternity. The term "alpha" normally indicates that the organization is some sort of frat or brotherhood. Anyway, I enjoyed looking at the photos, and oh my! what a crowd. You must have had a good time.

michy said...


Borneo Falcon said...

Look like fun. Never involved in such activities before

Joy said...

eh y yr fren draw a circle arnd him?? scared of de sea bear izit?
watched dat in spongebob~ lol

desmondch said...

huh..dude..the red car is urs??
cool man!

♫╬ Chloe Aldrich ╬♪ said...

So nice oh~
If i join also good~ hahha..
But mostly i can't... >.<

Henry LeE ® said...

@bridge: yeah its all about fun, fun & fun!

@michy/chloe: thanks!

@borneofalcon: u shud join in whenver u have the chance! really!

@joy: we playing captain's ball and he was the ball fetcher

@desmondch: haha~ i hope it was! :p

YEN XOXO said...

Wow! It looks really fun there.. Haha! Glad u r enjoying so much~ :)
Btw, ur pics are good.. u r using a DSLR?

Henry LeE ® said...

yen xoxo: yes it was really fun and yes I am using a DSLR, never regret buying it~ :)

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