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Friday, October 3, 2008

Pulau Sapi Trip! (Part 1)

Last week, the both Nath and I were really disappointed because we did not managed to get anyone to join in our so called 'Bloggers Pulau Sapi Day Out'. We did not expected many will cancel their participation last minute and we really gave up hope. During the night before the trip, we were enlighten that more than 10 people (non-bloggers) will be joining us and we really thank God that He has made it happen. It was a sunny day, and it's a really good day for beachin' ya~


At Jesselton Point, our take off spot~

Hello~ coffee, tea or me???

Our boat to Pulau Sapi, a twin engine with twin Turbo & a huge supercharger! Hahaha~ nahhhh...jz kidding! :p

Seems like Nath is having a good time helping out, or is he just showing off how strong he is??? LoL~

I can't wait to reach Pulau Sapi for the first time! XD

Finally, we reached our destination... need to pay entrance fee pula~

Our first attention was toward this signboard. Does this seems familiar to you? Check out our trip banner here.

More pictures & stories coming up!
Till then..... :)