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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bridal Fair @ 1Borneo (Part 1)

Hi guys! I'm finally back! No more FEVER for me! YEAH!!! Yesterday was my last day at work and I really had a good farewell fellowship with my colleagues before our office hour ended. Said goodbye to all and managed to be entertained with some jokes by the boss but you should really see me how cold my body was when I went into his office to say my goodbye. But everything has come to an end and I finally became an unemployed person again until I reach Singapore. I really miss the time with some of the great people in the office but I'm pretty sure that I will meet then again.

Anyway, I really have to update my blog because today is the 2nd week of the 1Borneo Extravaganza Bridal Fair and it's gonna be huge this time. So here's some of the pictures I took last week. Enjoy~ :)

My shooting ended here in Habib Jewel. A very big THANK U for the 1Borneo event management for letting me getting into the shop to take photographs with these superb models all together cost about 1.5mil on their body!!! The next day Sunday I was super sick! But thank God it's all has passed..... So tomorrow is the 4th day of Bridal Fair Extravaganza in 1Borneo :) See you there!!