Finally after waiting for almost 3 weeks, Henry is finally back again updating his blog. My munkeys sure miss me a lot here.... uhuhu.....~ Anyway, just want to inform everyone of you that I am now in Singapore and no longer hanging from tree to trees in Sabah :p Well I really miss you guys a lot and Christmas is coming! Cheeeeeers!! So here's the one and only picture I present to all of you that I took in Orchard Road during my outing with my friends and one of them maybe you guys know that is 'Singing Coconut' or Nathalie.... Oh well, have a great week and God bless! :)

X'mas is still more than a month away but you can really feel the excitement here in Singapore!


aManda玲慧 said...

i spent a couple of Christmas in Singapore when i was still young, i love all the decorations around, each shopping mall will have their own unique decorations at the main entrances. enjoy your stay there :)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hi Henry! Good to hear that you'll celebrate Christmas in Singapore... Is that right? Or You'll be back to Sabah?

Anyway, how long will you be in Singapore? I think you can meet a long of singaporean bloggers there, haha!

SY said...

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