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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve PotBless!

Hi bloggers & friends! Wishing all of you a wonderful Christmas season this year!


On Christmas eve, Melvin & I went to a friend's place at Bukit Batok for Christmas eve dinner and we all brought our own food or so called the 'potbless' style.

Seems like many of them are busy preparing at the kitchen.

....and a few of them are trying to weight themselves to see the result before and after the dinner. *LoL

Mixed Salad with Eggs!

Steamed potatoes!

Chicken meat loaf!

The shepherd pie - near to the house owner's office! He claimed it is one of the best in Singapore :)

More smashed potatoes!

Fried rice from downstairs hawker stall - the house owner's all time favorite dish!

TADAA! So here are the food we prepared and the 7(seven) of us need to finish everything up! Btw, there's a whole chicken from 'Ker Ai Ji' inside the tapau box each - so two whole chickens!!!! XP

Our self-made fruit punch. Cocktail + Sprite + Carlsberg beer!

Not to forget, some healthy and some unhealthy food.... hehe!

So we all ate our dinner and all eyes on the TV screen!

Guess what we were watching??

Dr. Seus - The Grinch..... Wana steal some Christmas spirits away??

We didn't manage to finish all and we all were out of breaths to go for another bite!

Then comes our minum-minum session.

JD & coke...tasted like somekind of old chinese medicine~ Prefer Chivas or rum with coke :)

Absolute Vodka with Sprite... not bad... like the taste, not too heavy for me! :)

After that, we played PS2 until 11pm, bounce off and that's all guys....

Have a joyful Christmas!