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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Four Meme

I got tagged by Allysa, oh well.... you guys just gotta wait for my next photo blog >..<

According to the rules, I need to answer these questions and tag four people in my lists.
So here goes...

- 4 places I go over and over:
My toilet, bathroom, kitchen & good value photo shops :)

- 4 people who email me regularly:
the administrators from Facebook, Friendster, JobsDB & my sister's crappy foward mails.

- 4 of my favourite places to eat:
KFC - still offers the nicest fried chicken, Miyabi, Sushi Sumo & my house in Labuan! - home cook food is the best!

- 4 places you’d rather be:
Singapore, Kota Kinabalu, my home in Labuan & most of all HEAVEN!

- 4 TV shows I could watch over and over:
Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy,
upernatural & Prison Break.

- 4 people I think will respond (let them know you tagged them) :

Seng Hoo


If you’re tagged, here are the rules : Click copy and then paste it in your blog post, remember to type in your answers and tag four people in your lists before you publish the post! =)

Looking for more updates? It's gonna be a photo spree this weekend.... Let me tell you why on my next update!

Till then.....