Johor Bahru Day Trip

Yesterday I went to Johor Bahru with Cynthia and we bought one thing each back to Singapore. Guess what I found in a shopping mall call 'M........ Tower' in JB? A cool street sweater inside out for just RM89.90! Wow that is so expensive.......!!! But that was before 20% discount is given, so it is rounded up as RM72.00 @ S$30.00. Alright forget about the figures and calculations and we move straight to the pictures. Now lemme show you.....
Here goes.....

The first time when I saw this cool sweater looks something like this.... *I'm gonna bite you!

Then a salesgirl came to me and said it's actually can be wear inside or out. That makes me curious to look what is inside.....
*by the way, the salegirl was hot

TADAAAA!! I'm back to National Service again! Just kidding! Somehow I am quite interested in combat patterns nowadays, maybe cause I saw a lot of NS guys in Singapore too much and got influenced by them..... So I decided to purchase the sweater and I look damn young when I look at myself in the mirror!
*so cool huh? what do you think?

The shop offers a lot of cheap youngsters outfit especially for those who are into street styles and punkers, I even like the plastic bag that given by them but the bad news is I forgotten the name of the shop. My bad....
*will try to remember and tell you guys next time :)

Well that was my 'self-buying' Christmas present this year. Thinking to drop by at the same mall again to shop for Chinese New Year next year before going towards my cousin's place in KL :)

Before I end, here's my famous munkey pose again XD

chiui said...

wow! lol. i also found a hoodie just yesterday! but i like that one! =/ i really want the hoodie I saw. ugh.
nice shots! XD

Henry LeE ® said...

oh really? maybe u can ask someone to get it for u as a xmas gift? hehe... thx for ya compliment :)

Evelyn said...

on shopping spree liao? Hope a leng lui bite you

kelLie* said...

the name of the shop is "HOT". haha

im from jb.

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