New Year 2009 Theme!

What do you think about my new theme? C&C are most welcome! :)
Joy said...

me like xD
lovin it =)

WiNn NiE said... new yr mod ..hehe

elf said...

Its nice bro! :)

Seng Hoo said...

wow, love it :)

Cham U. said...

ooohhh... really nice.......

black is wonderful....... haha

sabahking said...

sincerely say that really no special but the word and the font u use is quite attract me and nice to see also.

mabel low said...

Nice one! I'd prefer this one much more! :D

Lisa717 said...

i like it~
like it like it very very march!!
hehehe..wishing you an advance happie new year^^
May god bless you in the coming years~~

Henry LeE ® said...

@Joy/winnie/elf/senghoo/mabel: Thanks!

@Cham: Yeah, black is one of my favorite )

@Sabahking: I didn't know that will be so special to u...hehe!

@Lisa: wow...u like it so much? cool... yeah have a good new year to u too! :)

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