Things That Will Make You Say OMG!!

Yo yo my man... dreadlocks for sale :p

This is what happen when your stomach ran out of air..... and she's still smiling *faint -.-''

This guy's piercing is damn creative I tell you....ouch!

Next, try go through it with your head.... :D

Oh no.... I lost my contact lenses, so now I can't see clearly.... need to zoom in a lil' bit!

Sorry, but I kinda lost my one side of my contact lens somewhere here.... can you guys help me to look for it?

Great, now I can munch my food twice faster :p

What are you looking at? Never seen a giant croc in a rubbish dump before? huh?

Cool, so where did you bought it? Hold on, isn't it attaching to your body? Eww....

See, I am on diet :)

Never too old to get tanned! XD
. . .

Hope you like it! Happy Sunday :)


WiNn NiE said...

ooooo...all the pics are so.YEW...ha ha

Seng Hoo said...

great pictures :D
though some of them are, yeah - quite yewwwwww.

shaowei said...


Borneo Falcon said...

Holy Shit!

Henry LeE ® said...

winnie, shaowei, borneo falcon: sorry guys but you have seen it and I hope u will like it (by force :P)

seng hoo: same to u too, thanks for the complimet! cheers!

Evelyn said...

this spoils my lunch! ewww....

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