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Monday, May 11, 2009

Kluang Trip 2009 [Part 1]

Hello! A few weeks ago during Labour Day, my cell members and I planned for a free and easy trip to Kluang to hunt for food and to visit Ps Victor and Ps Kelly at the same time. So we pack our bags and most important thing, our passport, because all of us are heading from Singapore..... We reached Kranji MRT station at about 8am and we managed to be ahead of everyone else (cut queue eii.... so-Malaysian-cultured) lol~

Anyway, we rented a car - Toyota Unser, a 7-seater car from JB and we drove all the way to Kluang which took us about one and a half hours to reach our destination! Along the way, we stop by for food and.... can't remember, cause I was sleeping almost the whole journey :p

Here are some pictures of what we did during our journey.....

The place where we rent our Toyota Unser but they don't seems to sell car accessories. Maybe their part time business... It's a bit tough at the moment I know...

We were starving so badly from Singapore because we had to skip breakfast just to reach Kranji MRT station earlier because we know on that day it will be crowded and traffic jam at the check point. So we were praying so hard for a miracle and it really happen when Cynthia took out her homemade Chocolate Chip Muffins for us.....
*Look at the picture below*

Chocolate Chip Muffinssss.....!!!

Cynthia was like an angel sent by God on that day and she kindly offered me a Chocolate Chip Muffin and I ate it like a predator, or Cookie Monster for those who had watch Sesame Street and you sure will know it :p

but CQ was a bit fearful to try it and being the world's food critic of Singapore representative, he had to go through a few sessions of debating with Ivy, then he finally forced himself to lift up the muffin with his hand and put it into his mouth.... He was surprised! Surprised by the richness of the Chocolate Chips and the ratio of the muffin and the chips was just nice that he could NOT resist to finish the whole thing.

Without any doubt, they did the 'thumbs up' sign to represent that Cynthia had finally did a great job on the muffin and we hope that she can bake for us again whenever there is a outing or gathering.... Oh yeah!

More food coming up!