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Changi Broadwalk Model Shooting

This photo shooting was about a month back if I'm not wrong. Didn't have a chance to post it out but now I have... lol
Okay, well this photo shooting was held in Changi Broadwalk which situated in Changi Village, or for those who didn't know, you can actually depart from that place to Pulau Ubin. Cut the crap, thanks to the three supporting models who came all the way to Changi Broadwalk. Bravo! Many thanks to Mike Yip for organizing this photo shooting as well. Thanks bro... Enjoy!


Joanne ChanAndy
My HDR attempt.The sunset indicates the end of the day and at the same time, it indicates the end of our photo shooting session.

Marai said...

clevermonkey! cleverphotographer! idol! i can model for you. haha! kidding. :D

kang dwi said...

nice pics

Henry LeE ® said...

@marai: sure thing... but first u need to buy a ticket to Singapore :P

@kangdwi: thanks

Lisa717 said...

The guy is far more charming than the ladies ler..kekekeke^^

Henry LeE ® said...

@lisa: of course cuz u r a girl :p

Eve said...

cool pics!! u r the pro Henry! Haha! anyway, hope ur feeling much better after a good rest at home k. =) God bless.

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