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Friday, June 5, 2009

My First Car Incident in Singapore

Okay, don't worry, nothing happen to me and I am still alive but I was really in a bad luck yesterday. I was driving happily back to Tuas around noon time and I noticed a pile of wood pallet wobbling at the top back of a lorry along AYE. So I decided not to tailgate the lorry (I was driving my company van and by law I have to drive at the left lane because my speed limit is 70km/hr) so I slowly moved my car to the right lane of the lorry and at that few seconds of time, I saw one pallet of wood flew away from the lorry and I quickly pressed on the accelerator harder because I thought that I could avoid it but sadly it landed on my car roof. I shifted down my gear and I honed at the lorry telling him to stop at the shoulder road. I pulled down my van at the shoulder road and he stopped right behind my van. I can read from his facial expression that he didn't even know what had happen, blur face. Then I explained that incident to him and I can see some changes on his face. He made a call back to his office asking his superior to come over to have a look at what happened.

When we were waiting for his superior to come, I took his driving license and write his details on my notebook and took some photographs just incase he plan to ran away or doesn't want to admit about that incident. I was really thankful to God that no injuries occure to me. I did imagine what if that pallet of wood actually landed on my windshield. What would happen to me? What will my family and those who loves me feel? Well... I will continue my story next time.

For now..... enjoy some of the photos that I took yesterday, and oh' one last thing... always becareful and be aware when driving on the road, we won't know what's gonna happen. Sometimes it's not our fault, even if we have driving skills like those characters from Initial D or Fast and Furious, we still need to becareful on the road.

The red predator that damaged my van. Purposely view the car registeration no. so you guys will becareful of this lorry. This lorry can be easily found along AYE, somewhere around Penjuru Rd exit.

This is the back of the lorry... hmmm...

The top back of the lorry. Seems like all the wood was not properly tied and secured. What do you think?
Veli dange-less I tell you ah...!!!

and the victim.... sigh.... the mechanic told me he need at least a full day to get this fixed.
What a day..... but still, THANK GOD!!!!