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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Work and Marina Barrage

Yesterday I went to Marina IR, the so called Singapore 1st ever casino building which is still under construction for a Safety Induction Course (SIC). This particular course actually is a requirement for whoever who wants to work or supervise or even to deal something in the site for a particular time. Well guess what? I'm finally working in Marina IR for a particular job. After finish the course, my workers and I went to the canteen to rest and to fill our stomach. Well, I was really annoyed that the arrangement of the transportation was really bad... really really bad... Why do I say that? It's because they waited since 10.30am until 4.30pm then they managed to be back at office. Wasted that particular 6 hours waiting and not benefiting the company. Anyway, what I was really annoyed by someone saying,"We can't rush back to the office just to get a piece of document then rush all the way to get the workers." Well sometimes people think that it's not important but he didn't know, by saying so our company lost a lot of money and manpower. Okay, forget about work now. While waiting, my two foremans asked me to drive them to Marina Barrage and I thought it was a really good idea since none of us went to that place before and I wanted to get familiar with the road since myself will be going there as well on Saturday night with some Clubsnappers. So here are some shots I took in Marina Barrage with my Sony Ericsson W910i again. Here goes....