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KK Food Hunt

Here are some food post requested by a friend of mine.... anyway it was not taken in Singapore but in KK itself. You can actually drive there and have a meal with your friends and family. Hehehe..... It is located near the Bundusan Plaza, the name of the shop is Wan Wan. The food was taken last year during the Lantern Festival with the Agape Baptist Church team. Please enjoy looking at them :p

Kan Lao Thin Noodle

Kan Lao Fat Noodle

Fish soup

Asam fish soup

Well next time I'll promise to take more food pictures in Singapore for my future post.

Lisa717 said...

yummy yummy!!!
bro..i love the way you put the signature of yours at ur pic.

mabel low said...

Woo... this signature is nice!! Hmm.. the camera, smaller better. ;p
But anyway, good idea!!

Evelyn said...

yummy... hungry lor... Shall I eat your share too? Order a separate bowl of fish lips and skin. Taste Great! Driving to bundusan now

eunice said...

Where is KK? The food looks good! Last Sunday we went JB Tun Aminah for food too and shopped at the nearby Jusco.

Henry LeE ® said...

@Lisa: thanks!

@Mabel: i think the size is just nice :) thanks!

@Eve: ok no problem... :p bluek

@eunice: kk is kota kinabalu in Sabah... did u went to Jusco Tebrau?

indavao said...

hi... just dropping by!

maslight said...

no wonder the fewd look so familiar hahahahah XD

cis eh? when did u come down to kk @_@

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