NUS Fashion Show

Lim Pei Yiing the creative fashion designer!

The designer and models after the fashion show.

Who said designer can't pose as well as the model? Ha Ha!

Two smart and beautiful NUS student, Seok Kean (left) Amanda (right)

Pair shots....

Single shot - Seok Kean

Single shot - Amanda

The last shot of the day!

Honest comments and critics are most welcome!
Will improve on another series :)
Thanks to everyone!


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vialentino said...

my honest comment...very nice pics...bright and clear pics....

models very pretty too...

Mabel Low said...

Woo... the rose is her signature design is it?

Anyway, very nice shots! I specially like the one with one model standing and the other sitting. Don't have any close up or head shots?

Henry LeE ® said...

via: thanks via!

mabel: yes it is her signature design which entitled SUMMER as the theme.

No close up shots since they are sweating quite heavily after the fashion show... thanks ya!

kenwooi said...

the models.. okay okay la.. =P

BoZaki said...

oily face...hahah.

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