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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Sabah (Year End Holiday Trip!) PART 1

So sorry for not updating my blog as I was away back to Sabah as mentioned on my previous post. It was a very good experience being back home, and the most important thing is spending quality times with friends and family.

Day 1:
My very first trip was from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu as I have bought the ticket a few months ago so I have no choice but to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 1st. On the flight, I actually sat beside a group of people from Perth who is on their way to Kota Kinabalu for a mission trip in Ranau and guess what, I know two of them which are Pastor Jason and Keith. I knew them when I was still in D'gap almost coming to two years ago. We all went for the Youth Camp and we had a lot of fun there and God is so miraculous that I was happening to sit beside them during the journey. So without expecting anything at all, my first night was filled with good food. Thanks to Pastor Serena and Pastor Aster. :)

My very 1st Airasia meal. Vegetarian fried rice with chicken satay. Fruit cake and mineral water.
RM11 for the set meal. Not bad la... too hungry to complain at that time... haha~

Day 2:
I went back to Labuan very early in the morning and I am very thankful to be hired as the official photographer for a friend's wedding. She was my ex classmate during my secondary year. We still keep in touch until now. Anyway it was a good time for all of us to gather with old friends and I am happy that my friend Mizi has found the right one for her.
Congratulations to both of them!

Day 3-6:
Busy editing photos and finding for resources around town. Thank God I was able to complete the wedding CD album on time before Thursday. So sorry delaying the photo album but as I have promised, it takes at least 2 weeks to submit everything to the client and I done it in 10 days after the wedding :)

Day 7:
I arrived KK at 8pm and Dan Darby, my ex classmate came to fetch me and we went for a seafood dinner in Salut Seafood Restaurant with him, Sylvester, Mizi & Ray. It was a good meal, the seafood is indeed very fresh and I was satisfied even though we paid about RM180++ for the meal. After the meal, we went to 1Borneo to catch the Avatar show. (Review of the movie here!)
Overnight at Dan's place... glad that I have really nice friends in KK. No need to stay in a hotel! :)

to be continue....