CNY 2010: Visiting around Labuan

I celebrated Chinese New Year last year in KL with my relatives from my dad's side and we went to Sungai Siput and Ipoh, Perak. My younger sister and her bf didn't go back to Labuan as well since her bf's family is in Perak. But this year, we went back to Labuan and we met so many friends and even some new friends for me. I know it was very fruitful to be back.

Labuan is not a really exciting place with lots of day or night activities around compared to KL, KK or even Kuching but I really admire the peaceful environment there. That's why I am excited to go around the island each time when I'm back home.

At Irene's open house, the BBQ crews!

The chicken wings, it looks nice, smell nice but I didn't get to taste it. 'Habis sapu!' Clean cleared!

The evening in Irene's house. My sister's church gang.....

My sister posing while drinking her coconut

The leftovers

Location: Panchor Hitam Beach
Company: Sister's bf, my sister, my mum, Qli (friend I know from Singapore)
The coconut cost RM2.50 each

Sister, Mum and the sun...

My mum posing as if she was on top of the world... LOL

My buddies came to my house to 'bai nian'... and we really enjoyed playing 'Heart Attack' with a deck of cards!
Left to right: Ray, Mizzy, Sunny boy & me! :)


p/s: get ready for more food action next!!!
Supia Chao said...

Very nice pics ley..

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wah, CNY so hot you guys still BBQ. Geng!

Jan said...

Thanks Henry! I've ckecked out clubsnap and there's lots of great deals.

How's you get your photos to look like that??? Teach me?? :D

BoZaki said...

no colours? hahaha... i want to go back labuan also...5 weeks to go.

kenwooi said...

labuan.. never been there before.. in fact, i've never been to east msia.. haha.. so yeah, nice pictures =)

HenRy LeE ® said...

@supia: thanks!

@uLi: its for the fun of it! :D

@jan: replied on ur cbox!

@bozaki: faded... lol! cool

@kenwooi: u gotta go to east msia! its the most beautiful place can be found in malaysia! :D

Nikel Khor said...

wow..nice color of photo...go labuan relative thr?

from Nikel Khor

HenRy LeE ® said...

@nikel: thanks! actually is my parent's place in labuan... and also relatives of my mum's side


Hi, ur pictures make my saliva drools ;)

HenRy LeE ® said...


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