Family Reunion Dinner 2010

It was the 2nd day of Chinese New Year on the 15th February 2010... seriously, thing does happen even though we have planned it properly and perfectly but somehow it might turn you down. I arrived to LCCT at 7.30am and I can see that the check-in counter for my flight was empty. As I looked at my flight booking paper, it clearly stated that the flight was 7.35am and I didn't do my online check-in. It was quite hard for me to accept it for a moment but my heart was indeed keeping me strong to do anything just to get back to Labuan for the reunion dinner that my dad has promised same as I promised him to go back on that day. So I took another available flight back to Kota Kinabalu at 9.30am then took a taxi to the jetty to catch the 1.30pm back to Labuan. It was a long journey indeed for me but at least I have time to let go whatever that has been bothering me that morning.

5pm... I am finally home... and I'm really glad. That's all matters!
I'm so delighted to get to taste my dad's home cook dishes.... yummy!!!

The reunion dinner treat!

 Let's start off with this.... Nestum Fried Prawns (I added the chips around it!)

Then, Roasted Duck with Sweet Black Sauce! Yummy!

Next, Braised Chicken with Mushroom & Carrot

 The healthiest dish of all, Choi Sam with Fried Onions

 Despite the money and time that I've wasted.... at least I get to have a good reunion dinner!
Love you guys a lot!

God bless my family and friends!

Supia Chao said...

Why on earth you put chips at the Nestum fried prawn? tastier meh? The roast look very delicious, like restaurant one...
and you look so much like your mummy.. ^^

♥Baboon Tan♥ said...

omg! i want to eat the prawn!

Mrs Slayaz said...

sedap tgk makanan ko ni tau.. dis yer, my 1st time eat duck.. my mum in law masak plum sauce :D

uLi.佑莉 said...

Alamak...hungry now >.<

Nice reunion dinner you had :)

Paul said...


Following your blog. I am an Apple lover too

HenRy LeE ® said...

@supia: thanks, i do look like my mum more... the chips make it nicer and frankly all the chips were finished before the prawn

@baboon: go catch some prawns! haha

@mrs slayaz: ohhh sadap kah tu?

@uLi: Thanks! i miss it so much!

@Paul: what apple products r u using?

Baby said...

chips to make the dish tastier or for decoration purpose?

kenwooi said...

damn i wanna eat my lunch now! =P

eunice said...

wow beautiful reunion dinner. Ha first time see chips around prawns.. new dish: prawns n chips. :D

fried veggies r also oily as compared to salad, but mama's dishes r the best!

Nikel Khor said...

is too nice have a gathering with family

from Nikel Khor

Lisa717 said...

wah wah wah~~~ ur reunion dinner really "gao gao"!!! but mine not bad too..unfortunately, i didn't manage to capture the pic~~

oh ya..bro, act I wanna ask you about this long time liao..ur dearest mummy is not pure chinese right???

KwOnG FeI said...

comparing ur reunion dinner portion,. i think mine was like 3 x larger..
no yee sang for reunion?

maslight said...

Nestum fried prawns? Not butter prawns? Looks delicious.

HenRy LeE ® said...

@baby: dish taste the same, more over the deco side but the chips are finished!

@kenwooi: go eat ur lunch! nobody stopping u bro!

@eunice: yeah! well it will be odd if we have salad for the dinner rite? haha

@nikel: true! :D

@Lisa: u still have next year ma sis... well, my mum is an indonesian

@kwongfei: lol.. we are average family, we seldom do yee sang cause we wanna enjoy the food! minority ppl only like eating yee sang anyway

@maslight: oh nestum prawn is much more delicious and less oil :)

Mrs Slayaz said...

uih sedap eh.. tapi, sa masih nda brapa pandai makan tu itik la.. jadi nasib my mum in lkaw masak ayam tuk sa, + plum sauce.. kekeke

HenRy LeE ® said...

@slayaz: haha... palan2 bah, makan itik ni take time skit sal daging dia ada liat bkn mcm ayam... sweet sauce still the best! yummy!

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