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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Family Reunion Dinner 2010

It was the 2nd day of Chinese New Year on the 15th February 2010... seriously, thing does happen even though we have planned it properly and perfectly but somehow it might turn you down. I arrived to LCCT at 7.30am and I can see that the check-in counter for my flight was empty. As I looked at my flight booking paper, it clearly stated that the flight was 7.35am and I didn't do my online check-in. It was quite hard for me to accept it for a moment but my heart was indeed keeping me strong to do anything just to get back to Labuan for the reunion dinner that my dad has promised same as I promised him to go back on that day. So I took another available flight back to Kota Kinabalu at 9.30am then took a taxi to the jetty to catch the 1.30pm back to Labuan. It was a long journey indeed for me but at least I have time to let go whatever that has been bothering me that morning.

5pm... I am finally home... and I'm really glad. That's all matters!
I'm so delighted to get to taste my dad's home cook dishes.... yummy!!!

The reunion dinner treat!

 Let's start off with this.... Nestum Fried Prawns (I added the chips around it!)

Then, Roasted Duck with Sweet Black Sauce! Yummy!

Next, Braised Chicken with Mushroom & Carrot

 The healthiest dish of all, Choi Sam with Fried Onions

 Despite the money and time that I've wasted.... at least I get to have a good reunion dinner!
Love you guys a lot!

God bless my family and friends!