Health Benefits from Drinking Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea

Recently, I went over to Plaza Arkadia in Desa Parkcity since I have always wanted to check out the place. The place is relatively new but has decent amount of shops especially the establishment of eatery places as well as the flea market during weekends. The anchor tenant for Plaza Arkadia is Village Grocer and I managed to drop by to grab a few groceries while I was there.

As I was entering Village Grocer, this bunting caught my attention and I was curious to find out about the products that they are offering.

So I proceed to ask the lady promoter who's giving out the samples to Village Grocer's shoppers what the product is all about.

She was very kind to offer me the sample and explain the benefits of Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea. She said that the ingredients in Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea has no preservatives at all, no chemical and pesticides, 100% natural farming and also very suitable for vegetarians. So it's definitely a good news for all the vegans out there. Currently there's three flavors of Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea. I will explain more on the taste of the three flavors later.

Caroma believes in drinking life to the fullest. This philosophy translates to the beverages, which offer great flavour and wholesome benefits. You can almost taste the goodness of life in each sip of Caroma. Every box of Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea consist of 10 sachets and it its priced at RM15.90/box.

Currently they are running a buy two boxes free one small box of five sachets promotion at selected Village Grocer outlets. I can't walk away from a good deal since I will be getting a free small box of five sachets so I bought a box of Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea and Caroma Bentong Ginger with Honey.

Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea

Caroma infuses Bentong ginger with fragrant tea to give you a boost of natural goodness with a spicy ginger flavour. It’s the perfect way to enjoy the healthy benefits of Bentong ginger instantly and fuss-free. Although I’m not fond of having ginger as a drink due to its pungent-ness but it’s actually quite soothing after a few sips. I grew to like the drink after finishing the whole cup.

Caroma Bentong Ginger with Honey

Caroma Bentong Ginger with Honey is specially made from natural Bentong ginger and pure honey. Now you can easily enjoy the healthy goodness of ginger with an added sweetness of honey in our delicious blend. This has more sweetness than the Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea since it's added with honey. If you like the taste of honey then this is definitely for you.

Caroma Bentong Ginger with Honey Lemon

Our delightful blend gives you the natural spiciness of Bentong ginger with an added zest of lemon, and rounded up with the soothing sweetness of pure honey. The result is a deliciously spicy, sweet and tangy mix you can enjoy any time of the day. If you are having sore throat and want to drink honey lemon to ease the soreness, you can try having this Caroma Bentong Ginger with Honey Lemon. The acidic taste can be quite addictive especially when it's mixed with ginger and honey. This is probably my favorite out of the three.

By drinking Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea, we can improve our intestinal absorption of nutrients, digestive process, blood circulation and also to release stress and tension. Now I can opt for this tea rather than my usual coffee, Milo or teh tarik in the morning. Somehow I felt that it has a calming effect too and suitable to drink it in order to get a good night sleep.

The Health and Wellness event scheduled from 1st until 11th of March 2018. If you would like to sample the Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea, you can head to The Health and Wellness event from 1st until 11th March 2018. There will be 5 promoter girls with a sampling tray each to greet shoppers with an offer to taste their ginger tea. The outlets as follows :-

Bangsar Village, Bangsar 
1 Mont Kiara, Mount Kiara 
Sunway Giza, Kota D’sara,
Desa Park City, Desa Park 
My Town, Peel Road, Cheras.

For more information about Caroma Bentong Ginger Tea, you can go to their website at

.: Peace Out :.


  1. I sure would grab that if I see it here. I love fresh ginger tea at the Indian places in town.

  2. @suituapui: I love ginger tea from the Indian places too but this is different in comparison. It's not the same milky and less ginger flavor. It has a stronger ginger taste in it :)

  3. I love the original Bentong Ginger Tea it keeps my tummy warm and helps to reduce gassy stomach.

  4. @SunshineKelly: That's one good point Kelly! :D

  5. Awesome products you've got there, dear! xoxo

  6. @Shirley: Yes, it is awesome :)

  7. Ginger is best to really soothe the treat. Often we put honey with it especially when we have cough or a sore throat.

  8. @HeardaboutSan: Yes it is... I just had it recently when I was having sore throat and the next day it's gone! :D

  9. I will try one of the flavours if I see any promotion in the supermarket in KK.

  10. @Agnes: I hope that you will be able to find them in KK! :)

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