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Why sponsorship?
The terms 'sponsorship' means the position of being a sponsor.
Synonyms: backing, support, promotion, patronage, subsidy, funding, financing, aid, financial assistance.

In another word, I will be accepting renumeration in terms of monetary or products in return of my service. In this case, my blog write-up, social media postings and appearance in attending events, launch etc.

Why must we pay you to write? Aren't all bloggers supposed to write for free?
Why free? My computer at home is not free, my electricity I am using at home is not free, the photo editing skill and writing skill I possessed are not free.

If I attend your event, my petrol is not free, my parking fee is not free, my car maintenance is not free and the most critical is that I take leave from my company to attend your event – that's not free as well.

So what do we get if we pay you to blog?
You will get at least 200-300 words of quality content with nicely edited photos. When the post is published, it will be posted in my social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedln and Plurk. For Instagram post, there will be an extra fee which by the way I don't buy followers and likes.

How do I contact you if we are interested to sponsor you?
You can email me at and whatsapp or call me at 0149650867.
I don't reply SMS so don't bother to SMS me. Why? It's not free, period.