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Trust me, I can play a little bit of the guitar... Hahaha!

Hi! My name is Henry Lee. I was born in Tawau, Sabah and currently based in Kuala Lumpur.
Before I started my blogging journey, I was more into photography after joining the Audio, Visual and Photography Club back then during my college time. Somehow I was being influenced by a friend from church to start a blog so that I could upload my photos and treat it as some sort of virtual diary for everyone to view it.

So back in July 2008, I have finally created my first blog and named it CleverMunkey. Why CleverMunkey? When I was thinking about a name for my blog, the television set which was right next to me at that time was showing a milk formula advertisement where a father who was with his child pointing to a flower plant and telling him to say flower. That kid did not say flower in return but instead he said the specific species of the flower which is orchid. The father was surprised and praised his kid,"So clever!"… and that's how I got the word 'Clever' but what about 'Munkey'?

Munkey does stands for monkey the animal. Growing up I always being called a monkey due to the shape of my ears that resemble to monkey's ears. Plus, I was pretty naughty back then too. I was also a huge fan of Korn, a nu metal rock band and that is why I decided to replace the alphabet 'o' to 'u' in order to make sounds like the lead guitarist stage name, Munky.

Writing is really not my passion but I did written some good blog post which were entirely based on my honest point of view. Although blogging is not my main priority, main income, full-time job or whatever you want to call it. I still take blogging seriously especially when I had so many great opportunities and friends which I got to know along my journey.

At this moment, I am open to attend various events, write about product reviews, sponsored post and travel around the world for promotional purposes. So if you think that I am the suitable candidate for your campaign, just shoot me an email at clevermunkey@hotmail.com and we will discuss further about it! Till then…

:: Peace Out ::

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