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Thursday, January 7, 2010

"blogiREADalot" Award

Yesterday I saw a message from a lovely blogger friend of mine in my cbox about her tagging me an award. I was indeed delightful to receive it since I was #2 :) Yeah!

Anyway, her name is EDLYN.
So do kindly visit her blog HEART OF MIND.

The "blogiREADalot" Award!

So now I will tag a few friend's blog that I read a lot... too bad I can only list out 10 blog sites of them or else I will have a list of 50 blog sites or even more than that... so now, I present to you the "blogiREADalot" award goes to....

1. Bozaki "VCP"
2. Hong Peng
3. Vialentino
5.Eunice holiday!!!
6.Aezlika "mei-mei"
7.Tricia "hyper-girl"
9.Evelyn Cheah

The rules of the award is to pass it to 10 blogs that you read frequently.