"blogiREADalot" Award

Yesterday I saw a message from a lovely blogger friend of mine in my cbox about her tagging me an award. I was indeed delightful to receive it since I was #2 :) Yeah!

Anyway, her name is EDLYN.
So do kindly visit her blog HEART OF MIND.

The "blogiREADalot" Award!

So now I will tag a few friend's blog that I read a lot... too bad I can only list out 10 blog sites of them or else I will have a list of 50 blog sites or even more than that... so now, I present to you the "blogiREADalot" award goes to....

1. Bozaki "VCP"
2. Hong Peng
3. Vialentino
5.Eunice holiday!!!
6.Aezlika "mei-mei"
7.Tricia "hyper-girl"
9.Evelyn Cheah

The rules of the award is to pass it to 10 blogs that you read frequently.



  1. hogho..how come your blog got this award? hahhaa..

  2. Wow...u tagged me =) happy happy...thanks for supporting my blog, I will do the same to you as well ;) We both ganbateh!

  3. yeng wow..get award..me not so proudly to get it oso..

    Nikel Khor

  4. hahahaha korkor! tenkiu for the award! i will cherish it as long as my blog exist XD

  5. Yay! I have another award for my blog! Thank you Henry for the award!

  6. HAHA Thank U! Long time din c tag-award liao hehehe so sweet!

    I also always visit ur blog wan!

    U r the best!

  7. bozaki: someone tagged me so now i tag you #1 in my list!

    uLi: u r most welcome uLi :) Gambate!

    Nikel: haha... u want mah? lol

    Aez: Mei mei... ur kor kor will keep visiting ur blog :)

    Eve: no problem! take care

    Eunice: u sure bo? must visit everyday ya... HAHAHA

  8. Thank you Henry!!!
    how did you get that award pic in your post? just copy an paste? XD
    Btw, miss you! your time here too short lah! haha..

  9. AARON: haha... maybe next time ya!

    TRICIA: u r welcome... yupz just copy the image, i miss u too tric.. too bad didnt get to hang out with u and the rest :)


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