I Want that BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 so badly!!!

It was a quiet & beautiful Friday on the 5th February 2010, I was enjoying my roti canai and sipping my favorite teh tarik while reading the news paper and suddenly I came across this ads!

This is it! First 150 customers get 50% off and only valid on the 5th February at Chinoz, KLCC!!
(yes I did steal this newspaper page from the mamak shop for the sake of this post :p)

I was tempted to go to KLCC to get the new Blackberry Storm 2 but too bad I was working on that day so I might not be the 1st 150 customers to get it until I saw this in Nuffnang site!

Indeed it is the Year of the Tiger which I was born! I am feeling lucky!

So without wasting my time, I read the details of the competition and prepare my gear to shoot some photos at Chinoz...

KLCC here I come...!!!
(fingers crossed, no traffic jam please!)

It was my luck again, smooth traffic! What a beautiful twin tower!
Let's go inside!

Tadaaaa... I found you, Chinoz... so easy... :)

Without wasting much time, I started to ask the promoter around about the price and packages that are currently offered by Celcom. Indeed it was a good deal, just by paying RM888 exclusively with Celcom Exec postpaid plan.... you get the all new Blackberry Storm 2 with such a low price! Good deal right? :D

One of the promoter told me that the queue has started since 1pm that day, and the promotion for the 50% off actually started at 4pm and ended a few hours after that. When I reach there, the promotion has already over... but the good news is, the promoter said to me there's 2 packages that I can sign up if I still want to get the Blackberry Storm 2 with a price lower than the retail price... (more info at the end of the post)

So what are you waiting for???

Let me tell you why Celcom would be the best Storm-tastic place to get a BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520!

Wow! I like this image I copied from Celcom website! Cool huh?

If you have missed the 50% off promotion, you might still get the all new Blackberry Storm 2 with the two packages offered above by Celcom. So the question is Celcom Exec 50 or Celcom Exec 250? You decide!

This is the best part!!!
Currently only Celcom is offering this special package just for Celcom and Blackberry user. Very innovative and $$$ savings for those who want to access the internet through your Blackberry! Yeahhhh....
Well, I know I really look desperate this time... but I'm doing this just to win the Blackberry Storm 2! (fingers and toes crossing... LOL!)

You too can stand a chance to win the BlackBerry® Storm™ 9520 from Celcom by posting it and e-mail your blog post link to:



  1. OMG, make me so wanted to change my phone...It is giving me so much troubles...

    TOo bad, I have no cash at all

  2. gud luck lei..i want change phone for CNY

    from Nikel Khor

  3. hey there, very cute superimposing of urself in the photos.. u look like u're really in there! and great perspective of the towers!

  4. @Hitomi: haha... ask your bf to buy one for u :)

    @via: thanks bro!

    @Nikel: what phone bro?

    @Lechua: haha... lol... i think ur comment is too exaggerate! anyway thanks! yeah i took that KLCC last year...

    @farra eng: tinkayu!!!

  5. Good one :) Wish you luck and hopefully you can win!

  6. haha this is interesting! all i want is an iPhone! but till today i dont even own a smartphone.. lol..

    all the best! =)


  7. gosh, sweet pictures up there.

    Vote you to win. aku tak tahu bila lagi nak karang contest ni huhu.

  8. hi there! I, too, am wanting that yummy blackberry!

  9. normally ppl will keep the dslr boxes properly in case they want to sell when upgrade...sell in boxes is much more presentable...

  10. i like ur psot very much..
    well written and with good illustration of urslef too..
    good luck!~

  11. @coerlly, uLi: thanks!

    @kenwooi: i thought it cheap at europe?

    @khairi: just post anything up to ur creativity!

    @ira: yeah yummy!

    @vialentino: true... its better with the box... higher value

    @kwongfei: thanks for the compliment!

  12. haha...:)) waa...ada harapan mo dpt tu...:P

  13. Hahaha...nice and creative entry...Good Luck

  14. good luck!

    btw, love the way u photoshopped ur pictures. =)

  15. looooool at the last picture of u with the giant bb storm xDDD. lol
    i have de blackberry curve 8520. aka Gemini. (: its works great ^^ so good luck with that! ^^

  16. ur entry is so Nice got picture summore and all the infomatic stuff i feel like mine is just a bleeehh.

    but anyway, we can hope ait, so good luck to u and me, lets be the 2 winners together.hahahah. tak masal. *paiseh*

    eh, where is my courtesy - hello there =) -

  17. Ahahahaha... so cute lah the mini you in those pics! XD
    All the best in winning the competition! ;D

  18. nice post, and good luck! do check out my post on this!


  19. Congratulations...u've won a Blackberry though..i'm so jealouss!! hahahaha

    It's good to win something through blogging! Hardwork does pay! :D

  21. the the software between my storm now and the storm 2 isn't much different so it shouldn't be much better. im not saying the storm sucks cause i love my storm.

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  22. the the software between my storm now and the storm 2 isn't much different so it shouldn't be much better. im not saying the storm sucks cause i love my storm.

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