Floorball - An Introduction

This post is created for those who is still asking what floorball is about or you might never heard anything about floorball before, so here goes...... :)

1. Floorball is an indoor team sport played.

2. Using composite or carbon sticks with a plastic vented blade where the aim is to put a light plastic ball into the opponent's goal.

3. Floorball is a popular game with youth groups, and is mostly played recreationally in schools as a physical education activity.

4. Floorball is played in a court by six players per side.

5. The objective of the game is to score goals by playing a plastic ball into the opponent's goal net, which is placed at the opposite end of the rink. The players may control and redirect the ball using a stick with a blade that is often curved at one end. Players must not use their hands, arms or head to intentionally manipulate the ball, although other body parts can be used. It is also permitted for players to use their feet to trap the ball, but not to score goals or pass to team-mates.

6. A floorball team consists of 5 field players and one goalkeeper, whose primary job is to stop the ball from entering the net. The goalkeeper wears protective clothing, but is not permitted a stick.

7. The playing field is 40 x 20 metres and enclosed by a board with rounded corners (50 cm tall). The goal cages are 1.60 x 1.15 m and 65 cm deep. The sticks are made of plastic or carbon and a bit over 1 metre long.

8. The shaft is no longer than 99 cm and a blade of a different kind of plastic is attached to its end. The ball is made of plastic, is 72 mm in diameter, has a maximum weight of 23 grams, and has 26 holes in it.

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An official floorball match scene is going to be something like this....
The size of an official floorball rink. What we normally do is we book a hall with 3 badminton courts for training and competition.
Floorball - comes with various type and colours. Softer balls are suitable for children training. Most of the time we will use white colour ball that gives better visual on the ball for fast game.
Floorball sticks - come with various colour, brand and size. There is different height for children as well or we can customized the children sticks by cutting the normal sticks into half.

Floorball blade - different choices and style. It can be bend by using high temperature blower or even just dipping it into the hot water and bend it as much as you like for better ball control!
A goalie's head gear. Do not look down on those plastic balls. They can make your eyes turn black-green! XD

That is all for the introduction. Will give more information upon request and will update you guys about floorball that happening in KK to you guys. You also can check out this site for faster updates in KK here: http://www.floorballborneo.blogspot.com/ (Update: Site is no longer available)

Till then, Peace Out from me and the team! :)