Miserable morning

What a miserable morning to start off with today. Woke up at 7am and waited at the c&s consultant office at 7.30am to follow the rest to Sipitang for a council meeting. Waited and waited then I just can't stand waiting any much longer so I decided to call the architect (Mr.LL) and this is how the conversation goes.

*The first call was not so clear and I think it was the coverage problem so I put down and called again:

Me: Morning Mr.LL, I'm Lee from xxxxxx. I am now at the c&s office. Where are you?

LL: Ohh... Lee! (sounded as if he was shocked) We are on our way to the meeting now.

Me: What? I thought I have called you the other day and you told me to wait here at 7.30am?

LL: No... no! (grumpy voice) The meeting is at 10am so we have to leave by 7am. Just now we went back to the office and didn't see you there, so we just went off without you.

Me: But...but you said it was 7.30am? (*confused)

LL: No! (grumpy voice again) It was 7am. Do you have a transport?

Me: I don't have a transport now.

LL: Then you don't need to comelah. You go back to your office and work. (*What an obvious instruction that was)

Me: Ermm...ok. (*frustrated!)

After that we hung up the phone and I called my sister to fetch me all the way from her office. I had to send her back to her office and I drove to my office. Was late for half an hour and my boss was sitting there chatting with my senior. How embarrest I was at that time. Caught up in a misscommunication situation and then I am late to work. What a nice morning to start off with, NOT! But God has shown me the way and reliefing me with His living word, "If you do not forgive men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses - Matt 6:15

I had forgiven Mr.LL and I hope that God will as well make my boss forgive and forget me being not attending to the meeting and late to work.

A meaningful phrase that I wanted to share with all of you.

Lord Jesus, give us grace each day
That we may follow in Your way,
Especially when some unloved soul
Needs our forgiving to be whole - D. De Haan

It's a great day after all.....