Missing her

It's 2 o'clock in the morning, still awake and 6 more hours till my working hour to start. Couldn't sleep, maybe because i took a quick nap after work. My body is aching after a three sessions of floorball training and game in less than a week time. Feel bad couldn't be at church last week. Should have been playing the bass and really saddened everytime i did my best during the practice and couldn't make it on sunday morning. Reason: Just too complicated to explain.

Going to Sipitang at 7.30am today, i guessed I still have a short period of time to sleep during my 2hours journey to my meeting. The only thing I am thinking of right now is how to pass my 10days of keeping all my thoughts to myself?? It has been a pretty tough moments for me as she went off for holiday in early July. May the almighty God guards her journey along the way.

Wanted to look for someone to give me some tips or guide me on how to use or paste the nuffnang ads html code on my blog and on how to categorize my blog. Will really appreciate it whoever that can help me. Well, it's gonna be a restful night for me.

Missing her.......