Now Everyone Can Fly???

One of my friend has made a request to send her to the airport to fly back to KL for her friend's wedding. Was really impressed how often she can fly back to KL in a year with the low fare flight by Airasia. Truely it's the best thing that Dato Sri Tony Fernando has brought to this country. I still remember when our only nation dominating airline company that makes flying is only for the higher class. Now even the mid-range and low-range workers can fly with an affordable fare.

Thank you AIRASIA!!

Now everyone can fly!

Saw this scene when we were at the check in counter, a row of 20bags waiting to check in..... XD

We went to KING HU RESTAURANT for dinner. Cheap and nice food for an enclosed air-conditioned restaurant. Famous for it's Beijing Duck! Highly recommended!

My plate: Seafood Fried Meehoon only RM10 for two pax! Nice.....

Side dish: Fried long beans with mushroom and pork! RM8. First time tasting it! It's GOOD!

We paid the whole meal just for RM21 with chinese tea and pickles. Anyway, i didn't manage to snap a photo with her because she was rushing off to board in! Maybe some other time when she's back from KL. Now I still can feel the noodles and long beans trying to be digested in my stomach. Fuhhhh..... (Poppie: Finally! I won't be hungry again later at 3am! LoL! :p)

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  1. yes...king fu is a nice place to hang out for dinner...i and urs sis also been there twice b4 :)


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