Our God Is A Crazy God!

.......a post reply to doctorbutterfly's blog.


guess what?

I just got a new SAMSUNG 19" WIDE SCREEN LCD MONITOR in my office.


Is it because my old one has failed to provide me the visual service that I want?


Or maybe it's because I changed my whole computer system?


It must be me being so greedy wanted to change it to watch better movie screening when I'm trying to steal some bones in the office?


do you want to know why?


my colleague's monitor screen was not OK and I get to change my monitor to a new one!!

what happen?

Her CPU just couldn't support the newly high resolution monitor so I switched mine with hers.

what a lucky guy I am!

If you guys ever watch a product comparisons of before and after on TV, here might be one of them..........

say goodbye to my friend.........

Doctor trying to figure out the way to transplant the old monitor with the new monitor....


no wait...

it's not done yet

I still have something to show

you guys always see me in my friendster and all the other sites so....

here's something special for you guys out there

my romance with my bedroom partner





  1. Congrats on the 19" Samsung LCD. Pretty awesome sight indeed.

    You are in the Sabahan Bloggers List already.

    You can link my blog if you want to.


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