Santa Daddy is Coming to Town!

My dad actually arrived one day before i post this blog, that was on the day when i send a friend of mine to the airport and that night my house was having powercut so I couldn't post anything. So I decided to go out with my dad and sister was really excited that she had to join us! XD

We went to Top Rock Restaurant near our crib. Location: Just turn right in front of the Naza Kia dealer Bundusan branch. It's quite creepy for those who never been there before cause its really dark when you are going uphill to that place. Anyway, talk less and more photos....YEEEHAAA!

A nice and hidden setting restaurant away from the busy-ness of life.

Night Sakura

My dad was happy that day so he drank a little with his friend...

.....and this was my drink.... All time favourite! :)
Our order was brought to our table in split second!

Our famous local Hokkien Mee.

.....and not to forget Fried Meehoon with Salted Fish!

Sis: can't keep her eyes away from the TV.

Link: trying to pair the chopstick according to the same length when it's all the same! :p

Finally! I managed to finish after a not long dinner at King Hu Restaurant.

Nothing else to do, so we took some photos.....

Trying some brother-sisterly pose....

My sis and my cute cute daddy! ^-^

My dad always say that he was handsome when he was young.... just like me! LoL :P

17th July 2008!


We will always love you! (where am I?)

This saturday I will try to bring my dad to 1Borneo. Don't want to miss spending time with my family member in Borneo's largest lifestyle hypermall like the photo above. So yea....



  1. oyeah..santa daddy is in kk now!!our dear daddy is vy cute n he is juz bcome christian..horay,tq god..all taken pic wit dad is nice but o taken pic wit hou o..ugly lo -.- eh,dad's health is getting bad but i believe god will heal him one..


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