Weekend Madness!

A lot of times I find that many people are spending their weekends with their parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friend, close friends or even their own brothers and sisters. They can choose from all kind of options on how to spend their time going out. They may be hanging out at Upperstar, Starbuck, Coffeebean, cybercafé, beaches, shopping mall, watching a movie, going to the gym or just staying at home and get busy with the internet. But this is not the way I spend most of my weekends here in KK City.

Many of my friends were curious and they ‘sms’ed me a lot of times to ask whether I can go out with them (even some of my students requested to have a replacement class on Saturday so we can go hang out together after tuition class – yeap BUSTED! I’m a partime tutor…lol) but they were all disappointed by my simple excuse that is “I’m sorry but I have no time”. Yeah, I know that couldn’t explain much why I am so busy even during weekends after going through my day and night working hours during weekdays.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a holy person but I do spend most of my weekends at church helping out the children ministry, children floorball, music practice, discipling class with Ps.Serena and my most faithful member CK, myself discipling, youth leaders meeting and finally D’Reign youth meeting that ends with our floorball training until 6pm.

Imagine so much time that I spent at church serving God but what’s empty inside me is to spend my precious time with God and reading His word. I prayed that God will change the way I live my life each day.


GRACE – This is what I called the right colour matching. She won the BEST colour matching for Kindergarden level on that day…. XDNATHALIE – Lookie here, this shows that BLUE has a heart for children ministry. On second thought maybe her mind is as retard as a five years old kid. Nahhhhhhhh......We all know who she is…. =)

The two cars that have won the Taman Sri Kepayan Rally Championship this year.
The result:
Champion: Toyota Avanza – Henry Lee (Mas)
1st Runner Up: Ford Spectron – CK Lai (Mas)

Me: Don’t worry CK, next year you will be the champion when I’m not around! XD

Floorball time! Newbie – “This stick is much lighter than my dad’s golf club, hmmm… I wonder where the hole is?”
"Kids! Look! We are on camera!" (*no one seems to bother...lalala!)
D’Anchorz on 3………

1……, 2……, 3…….

HENRY!!! OPSSS….. wrong cheer! Haha…..


SUNDAY MORNING! We waited for an hour for the hall to be opened. Thanks to the ‘jaga’, we spent our time waiting under the hot outdoor temperature and looking at Debbie and Tricia helping the recycle committee. Gosh! Finally we are in!



Training again!

More training!

BLUE on go! – My training partner that day. Sorry for the shoulder hit! My bad…..

A short break after our 1 hour of full training and getting ready for our training match.

“Snap a picture of us. It looks like we are doing the Levi’s ads” (Sadly, in a sweaty way!)

A short briefing after the training.

CK – Our floorball club coach A.K.A ‘tai fan shu’ (don’t know why people call him that, and don’t know why people call me ‘lao fu zhi’ too!??) *sorry image too blur.....

Finally! My team lost 4-5! Anyway, it’s a good challenge! FIGHTING!! :)

Heading to the church, Ps. John Ng was the speaker on that day. Great speaker and the service started at 5.30pm and ended at 7.30pm.

(P/S: There was no youth meeting on that day, BCCM Rainfield was having an event and so the meeting was cancelled.)

After reading this very long and over-pictures posted blog, let me tell you the NO.1 reason why I can’t go out with you guys on weekends.















All I want is to sleep until the sun goes down….. X_x

Hahahaha! Just kidding. You know I love you guys, right?



  1. waliao, I appear twice in your post. Should I be proud of myself or hide aside??? God bless ya dude ;p


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