DSLR: Nikon D60 vs Canon EOS 1000D vs Sony A200

This blog post is not a ‘copy and paste’ blog post from any website review but genuinely a self-survey list based on the DSLR offered by the shop dealers in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This is not made up to offend anyone out there who owns a DSLR or had a different piece of mind about this topic. So I hope this little guide here will help you guys to choose the right DSLR.

NIKON D60 c/w 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Nikkor Lens
- 10.2 Megapixel DX-format Nikon Picture Quality.
- Image stabilization Lens (Vibration Reduction).
- 7 Points Auto Focus Sensor
- Shooting Modes: Auto, Auto Flash-OFF, Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close Up and Night Portrait.
- Continuous shooting mode: 3 frames per second
- ISO Speed Equivalent: Lowest – 100, Highest – 1600, Expanded – 3200.
- 2.5-Inch, 230,000-Dot Colour LCD Monitor
- Battery Life: 500shots per charge
- Approximate weight: 495g (body only)
- Retail Price: RM2199.00*
(RM2020.00 for body, lens and 2GB SD Card only)

CANON EOS 1000D c/w Canon 18-55mm Lens
- 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor.
- 7 Points Auto Focus Sensor
- Shooting Modes: Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Close-up, Sports, Night Portrait, No Flash
- Continuous shooting mode: 3 frames per second
- ISO Speed Equivalent: AUTO (100-800), 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
- 2.5-Inch with Live View Mode, 230,000-Dot Colour LCD Monitor
- Approximate shots: 514 images (2GB SD card)
- Approximate weight: 450g (body only)
Retail Price: RM1999.00* (Releasing end of August – If you can’t wait, you may buy it from Singapore)

SONY ALPHA A200 c/w Sony 18-70mm Lens
- 10.2 Megapixel Super HAD CCD.
- Super Steady Shot® in-camera Image Stabilization.
- 9 Points Auto Focus Sensor.
- Shooting Modes: Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sports, Sunset and Night Portrait/View
- Continuous shooting mode: 3 frames per second (RAW Burst mode – up to 6fps).
- ISO Speed Equivalent: From 100 to 3200.
- 2.7-Inch Clear Photo LCD Screen
- Battery Life: 750shots per charge
- Approximate weight: 532g (body only)
Retail Price RM1699.00*
(RM2099.00 for twin lens package – Sony 75-300mm Lens)

*All the above packages are included with 2GB storage card. Other accessories are optional by the dealer or additional of an amount of money is required.

I got my NIKON D60 for RM2170.00 and that was after I negotiated for a period of time and I managed to get myself a free remote control, lens cleaner (pen type) and a lens UV filter. If I didn’t get those for free, I might have to top up at least RM80.00. So, was it a good bargain? Do leave your questions and comments in the shout out.




  1. Great reviews of these DSLR! I think you get a good bargain. :D I hope to get a DSLR too; now using my bro's, and DSLR is really good and powerful.

  2. should choose nikon d60

    Canon default is darker
    Canon has chromic noise in high ISO, but detail, Nikon has no chromic noise in high ISO, less little detail, no need extra photoshop workload
    Canon is Plastic body, no style
    Auto ISO up to 800, not 1600 in nikon
    nikon is smaller size
    3 point autofocus is enough for beginner, more point may not be accurate to choose your object

  3. well said anonymous...
    canon's body has cmos but for longer term, cmos is not a thing to look up to. just like the live view, whr ppl find its just slowing the photo snapping time.
    3 points autofocus is barely enuf, im getting used to it by now. Really glad that i've choosen Nikon instead of Sony. For those who have tight budget and jz making photography as a hobby. You shud go for A200...selling rm1.5k single lens in KL near Sungai Wang

  4. D60 don have autofocus function... ot cannot compare with canon and sony,

    you should use Nikon D80 to compare btw canon and sony

  5. before D40 and D60 come out, Canon 400D are compete with Nikon D80, I guess you are not in the market on that time... lol

  6. I already used nikon d60. it has autofocus like other dslr, except don't have autofocus motor builtin camera body. but this no an issued since all latest lens (VR) have builtin motor in lens. Lens kit is very high quality and came with VR. Active D-lighting is very usefull to retain detail in highlight, and not post processing like sony DRO or Canon highlight.

  7. i m a nikon n60 user too..can snap lots of nice pictures..recently think of getting extra battery for it since gonna go travelling soon. do you know how much does the d60 battery cost at kk??:-)

  8. well mr.anonymous, i think you can get it in FOTOMAT at Centre Point or PhotoSaga at KKPlaza for around rm160plus.... but third party battery such as phottix is a good buy...u can order it in ebay... look for hksupplier... that's my recommendation :)

  9. hi guys! i need help; between d300 and d70.. which one i should choose.. i'am a beginner and does both of this model had a lot difference??? (when involving RM)...
    where's the best place in KK i should have a visit..


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