Facing the Real GIANTS!

*A quick update*

This morning my friend gave me a morning call and asked me to go out and snap some photos at Likas Sport Complex on the Petronas Cub Prix race. Myself was not a motorbike fan but somehow it attracted me to try to capture some speeding objects.
It was really fun and I gained lots of good experiences with them. I will post the photos soon as I finish editing.

Facing the Real GIANTS!

Uncle Hang Khee, an ex-senior member of my church has came back from China for holiday. He was at China doing mission works for 4 years and he left his house to our church to utilized it and maintained it as much as we want without any charges from him. So today we were really privilege to have him to join in our floorball game with the D'Gap youth at All Saint School Hall.


D'Gap BC / Nomad FC
4 - 3

I believed that God has really shown us His amazing glory, power and grace. I will like to give a big thanks to Uncle Hang Khee for his wonderful prayer and support. We were really on fire that night.

On that night, we played with 12 players that included Uncle Hang Khee, Uncle Daniel and Uncle Stanley. Their age added up had already reached the age of the 8 of our young players. See how old they are and still playing with compassion. I really admirer them.

Highlights of the game:

D'Gap BC started off very well with Nomad FC and they had a 5 minutes game struggle before D'Gap BC scored a soft goal by the left forward. Then after a few minutes later, a D'Gap BC mid fielder did a long shot and unfortunately for Nomad FC, it was too fast for their goalkeeper. Then before the 1st half ended, the combination of the 2 D'Gap BC forwards have brought another short distanced goal and the 1st half was lead by D'Gap BC at 3-0.

The second half was a counter attack from Nomad FC, they really pushed D'Gap BC to their limits and they finally managed to balanced the score 3-3 after a few dramatic series of attacks and defences. Time was really running out and seems like D'Gap BC had really became exhausted which their weakest point is on the numbers of substitution. Nomad FC seems to be controlling most of the game on the 2nd half. When the time was almost ended, D'Gap BC finally managed to return their lead 4-3 after a great pass from the mid-fielder back to the defender before he scores. That was really a heart-beating moment.


I'm so glad that we had a great game! Thanks to Nomad FC for being so friendly and has conducted a helpful training to train all of us before the friendly match started. I was so touched that our efforts and hard works have gained success because our prayers have led the way. God really moved me from there on and I truly believed that all of us can defeat the GIANTS in our life if we desperate to ask God for His leadership and authority.

I wish all of you a Blessed Sunday. ^^



  1. They say the floorball thing planned on Friday yet I only know about it on Saturday in church, now you can guess why I didn't turn up ;p


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