Getting a New DSLR??

A quick update on my blog.

Thanks to all my buddies, I finally have decided to get a Nikon D60 instead of Sony A200 (which was cheaper and with 2 kit lenses some more!) or the all new Canon 1000D (again cheaper and with the same processor as the Canon 450D).

Take a look on my soon-to-be-mine gadget....

What do you guys think? Will post more on the features, specifications, freebies and the price for your personal comparison :)



  1. wahhhh!! i want also. maybe one day la, with the money i get form blogging..
    have a good weekend!

  2. sure you can, don't need to wait so long. Just save for a year or less and you can buy an entry level SLR just like me. Cheers!

  3. Cool, I also planning to have a dgcam too........ and i'm targetting the Canon 400D a year ago. But can't afford though, too pricey. What's the price like for Nikon D60, Sony A200 and Canon 1000D ? izzit much cheaper than Canon 400D??


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