Motor-MANIA (Part 1)

The Petronas Cub Prix was held on the 23rd-24th August 2008 at the street circuit of Jalan Likas at Likas Sport Complex. Andy, Ken and I managed to pay a visit on the first day. We headed straight to the location right after our fish noodles breakfast at Damai. When we heard the ‘Vrooom-Vroom’ sound, we knew that we hit the right spot!

So without wasting any of your time, I now let the photos to do some talking….. :)

wasaiiii~ even this fella also felt the heat eh! Have to use an umbrella... XD

A Sony HD Video Cam body with Canon Lens (that's what I call a professional combination! :p)

Pure titanium meh? Let me test it for you~~ OUCH!!

"Hey mister, are you from the movie Satria Baja Hitam?"


If you love to look at chicks, stay tune for more in Part 2 ^^

Till then…..