Resign Letter!!

One day, I received an e-mail from a friend of mine. It somehow did draw my attention to post this up because I know I will be needing it for my letter of resignation by the coming months. This is the content of the e-mail:

Short but informal....

A bit formal.....

Formal One......

Or this one ?

The smartest one......

Hello BOSS,

I love Ur wife.

Yours faithfully,

Henry Lee


Which one do you think I should submit to my boss before I switch my job to Singapore? Kindly leave me some of your comments. Thank you! (HAHAHAHAHA! :p)



  1. Lol, these are all really cute :P

  2. ahahahkxx!!
    so funny XD
    i lk de 2nd one!!
    de lil bit formal one ^^

  3. ooopss!!
    sorry! wrong account..
    Spencer's actually my dad account..^^

  4. chloe: haha...u think leh?

    brenda: cute rite? it's a random post, many have seen it. Some claim that it belongs to I care? lol

    joy: haha! its ok....glad that u like it

    clement: lolx

  5. hahaha.... thx for sharing.... its funny...

    like the formal wan... lolz

  6. maro^gal: the formal one is not reli formal, just for laughter. ^^

  7. Ohh!! U ask me what I think ahh?
    You tell already loo~ hahha

  8. Your boss' wife? You naughty munkey... no bananas for you today... I tot it was his daughter you are having afair with... lol

  9. chloe: haha....yalor. I asked u but i answered it myslef. Swt~

    evelyn: aiya, no banana for me? durian or mango got or not? hehe~
    wife or daughter, just sapu all! XD

  10. lol I love the last one! really laugh out loud :p. oh the first one is good. short and simple. but I don't think u can use of those when u resign hehe


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