Singing Audition @ Halo Cafe (Part 1)

A singing audition was held at Halo Cafe in City Mall last Sunday and Nath has invited all of us there to give her some moral supports!

Here are some photos that I took.....

Quite a number of crowd there..... ^-^

This is the stage......

and up at the celing.....Looks like a Konoha symbol from Naruto! (COoL ey~~~)

Their menu book that looks like a guitar chords guide! LoL

Deb & Tricia sharing: Grape Milkshake
My drink: Green Apple Milkshake (RM5.90 at Happy Hour)

On my table: THE GANG! Haha~

Me & cute lil' Debbie!

Nikon D50 that belongs to Nath's vocal teacher......wahhhh~

I am so gonna miss this!


More photos will be uploaded soon!

Stay tuned!



  1. wua wua wua, promoting Halo Cafe 4 free yo

    Why you didn't photoshop my pic? I looked damn pale la >.<

  2. ok whut? haha.... :3
    lazy wana photoshop it....
    thanks to ur mum for her treat...
    another post later on the singers tonite...


  3. I really liked the photo shot of the green ceiling that looked like Konoha symbol from Naruto. Not editted kan?

  4. evelyn: haha~ i like it too. very unique. Didnt edit it, yit lat lat from my D60 one. LoL :p


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