BMW & Babes!

BMW Gathering at Sutera Harbour with Gerry, Raymond, Calvin, Harn Sheng, Andre, Stephen, Suhaimie, Isrol and the rest that I didn't remember to mention here :)

Thanks to the model: Nicole, Madonna & Mandy


climbing munkey.....

this is how you shoot low angle :)

I am going to Pulau Sapi this Wednesday.... Hope to snap nice photos!

Till then......



  1. Nice BMW cars..! *woots* How did u get the chance to shoot those cars? R u a freelance photographer?

  2. @bro raymond: thanks man! u taught me a lot~ :)

    @yen: hehehe....yeah someone brought us for our local magazine story and yes I am a freelance photographer :)

  3. Hi Henry! BMW is a nice car with an excellent quality control. However, it is very pricey and the parts are extinct and original so you cant get them anywhere else except from the authorized BMW stores.

    It would last you long enough but it aint friendly when one part aint function well.


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