Canon EOS Hotties!

Behold..... the one that you guys have been waiting for! Say no more but squeeze your eyes and prepare some tissue papers cause it is gonna hot in herre~ so here goes.....


Opppss~~~ After a tiring photography session, it's my turn to take pictures with the model >..<


Well well well.....those were only a few of the pictures that I took during the Canon EOS Seminar. If you guys wanted to see more do come and join us for yumcha this friday.

See ya!



  1. These girls are very sexy and seductive. The background setting looks like Hawaii. Did you take these photos? Superb Man!

  2. Where did u take these pics at? It's nice! But I think the models look a bit fakery especially the first one.. Like plastic! =P

  3. sexy and beautiful !, good shoots Henry ! Be a pro's photographer and Keep Your Good Working !!

  4. The models are beautiful. Wish I could take photo with them. He...he...


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