Donutz MANIA !!

About 2 weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to go to City Mall to hunt for some donuts before we going for interchurch prayer at Kyrugma House. So we went to 'Epal Besar - Kuih Gelang & Kopi' after our satisfying dinner at the food court. But the best part was; he offered to pay for the donuts and we somehow managed to choose different kinds of donuts there after knowing the free 1 box of 6 pcs. So for the rest of the story, I shall let the pictures to do the talking :)

When you are hungry, you won't even remember what you have thrown into your mouth :p

Do you believe me? Hehe....

So here is my part~ Anyway, thanks a lot CK!

Have a nice-donut day!

P/s: I am so sorry for my late donut post upload.... Jangan marah~



  1. have u tried J-co donut? u can only get it in KL. Once u have tried it, u might not go back to apple donut...hehehe

  2. bobby: jco? havent try yet, wana taste all the donut cafe in kl n sg end of diz year~ oh yea

  3. yer...y dint belanja me de??
    i like the cheese de...NICE!!!

  4. OOOO!

    Donuts *drools*
    i freaking love the cheese & oreo type.



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