Holy Spirit Camp (Part 2)

*continue…….Day 2 starts!


*A photo I took before having breakfast from the swimming pool…..

*A random shot by Debbie – her water bottle.

*My breakfast – American style~

*The youth at the dining area.

*Someone ordered this early in the morning…..

*Ohhh…It’s she. No wonderlah….. ;p
*The girls from ROOM 102.

*After breakfast, Ps. Aster gave us some sweets as refreshments by throwing it to us!

*Now, group presentation….. Clement’s group first.

*Tricia’s group turn.

*Natasha’s group turn.

*Aaron @ Kamikaze’s group turn. (How come their group name is kamikaze? You don’t wana know! LoL)

*And the most entertaining presentation…….my group! Yeah! Goyang kiri goyang kanan!

*Waaa…..someone’s birthday on the 1st of September! Happy birthday to you!

*4 cans of 100Plus as a dumbbell….. 100 times some more leh~

*Before we leave the place, they played water polo or captain’s ball in the swimming pool???


Gonna post some photos of Tanjung Aru Beach for my next blog post. Watch out!

P/s: I'm gonna post about donuts next 1st as requested by someone~ ^^



  1. You guys are having so much fun! Btw, where is this place?

  2. @eunice: the place is in Sea Park Condotel and near to the Tanjung Aru Beach! Do visit these beautiful spots in Sabah! :)


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