Lantern Carnival @ Tmn Sri Kepayan

Happy Mooncake Festival to all! Hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating it. I had a good time too and my stomach was so full till I could not make a move away from the comfortable sofa cushion. Anyway, just wanted to post up a week delayed post about my community Lantern Carnival at Taman Sri Kepayan last saturday. Basically this Lantern Carnival is a community penetration event by D'Gap Baptist Church to reach out to the lost christians and pre-believers around the taman area.

So as usual without wasting your precious time, I now present you the photos for your viewing purposes :P lol


and after.....

If it's not because of the rain?

Anyone familiar with tea tasting?

A lot of children was packing up this stall that night. Poor Eve had to work so hard to try to fill up all their needs :)

From young to old~ Anyone can join in!! :)

P.A. system standing by.....

Cute little girl already warmed up!

Camera ready!!!

Chairs nicely arranged into a heart shape~ Love them!

And here comes our guest of honour, Datuk Edward Yong.

Showing his skill to us.....Nice~

Really need to thank Agape team all the way from Singapore on assisting us again in our Lantern Carnival this year. Hopefully to see you guys again in the future!!! :)

So for all you guys out there, I hope you guys had a wonderfull mooncake festival this year.

Till then.....



  1. Happy Mooncake Festival! I already posted my beach photos.

    The site where the celebrattion happened was such a beautiful one. (Before it looks ordinary, after all the decorations, it looks vibrant.)

    And oh my, all your photos here are colorful. I had a taste of mooncake when I was in San Francisco California.

  2. Hey really happening at your side!! I am familiar with tea tasting, just taste and drink only hahhaha. Nah, dunno kungfu for that =P

    Agape team from Singapore? Oh... what an exchange.

  3. wow..
    muz be fun dat
    dat lil girl is really cute!


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