Merdeka Eve!

On the 30th of August 2008, I celebrated my Merdeka eve with a Labuan blogger, Nathaneal. He just got his Sony Alpha 300 the day before so we planned to take some photo of the fireworks after meeting up for yamcha at Damai. The traffic at town was so jammed and I had to park our car so far away from Padang Bandaran. So initially we took some of the photos next to the main road near GSC.

Enjoy the fireworks….. (All photos taken by using Nikon D60)

KK city, like always......traffic jam, jam and more jams!

For more photos and updates from Nath, you can visit here.

P/s: After gone through all the photos, I realised that the man on the Hotlink billboard was actually pointing at the fireworks. What a coincidence......!!?



  1. wow you can take good firework photos! I never tried that before, cos scare of crowd!! Nice work!

  2. Lucky you were not standing next to me cuz I was screaming when every firework explodes...haha

    I got better luck then you driving away from the scene. I packed behind backpackers and saw full view.

  3. best lah ada dslr kamera, aku pun mau bli jugak nanti, cuma blom ada duit jakk. hepi merdeka day!

  4. merdeka eve... you're suppose to be at prayer meeting!!!!

  5. cool!!
    pretty fireworks!! ^^ 16 year old izit..
    i tot he was a girl..
    gahhh! im owez confuse wif genders

    btw yr right..
    de guy did look lk he was pointing on de

  6. Cool... I like your firework pictures . Cool picture

  7. @eunice: thanks! I was very far away from the crowd, was a bit scary when a bunch of illegals (i think) passing by when we were taking that shots... :(

    @eve: haiya, u never answer my phone, u shud tell me mah~ haha! :p

    @ruffey: wah...ruff, ko mmg ada duit cuma duit tu ko pakai utk benda lain jer :)

    @christine: haha~ my excuse, mum was sick and i only managed to join in for yamcha~ lol

    @joy: nath is 19th not 16th. Yalor, u oso noticed that guy pointing towards the fireworks rite? ^^

    @artofreed: thanks, next time im gonna post larger photos...stay tune! :)


  8. Eh.. itu nath~!! with his spanking new Sony DSLR~ *woots*


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