September 16th

Today is September 16th and nothing really did happen except for some political news about Anwar Ibrahim regarding his unsuccessful goverment exchange attempt on the news. It didn't make any impact to our country today especially for Sabah which were having public holiday celebrating the TYT birthday. Anyway, here are some of the highlights of the event that I wanted to share with all of you :)

*My new church setting, carpet and wall paint. What do you think?

*Friday nite - My 1st time gathering with the photographer tai-ko in Damai UP2u! :D

*Saturday nite - Took pictures of the Mooncake Festival in Gaya Street. Datuk Yong Teck Lee (President of SAPP) was there throughout the whole nite :)

*Then we went to Tanjung Aru 1st beach for supper~ RM3 only for this stuffed mixed fruit ABC!

*Monday nite - Behind the stage, Gary-koh busy making up before the show in Putera Restaurant for the KK Harvest Fund Raising Dinner

*Some praise and worship were on....

*A modified story of Cinderella - they modernized it and freaking funny I tell u!

*The cast & crew of KK Harvest Church

*And today..... My company picnic outing in Tg.Aru beach! Thanks guys! We all really had fun :)

A short announcement: Happy birthday CK!



  1. ah..the stuffed fruit mixed ABC looks yummy and tempting to me haha =) should try it the next time i get back.

  2. Nice drama of KK Harvest! lol!!
    It's really funny when they are choosing the bride!

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  4. It's not holiday here in Sarawak on 16th September

  5. @amanda: yeah u shud try it while it's still cheap now. Don't know what will happen next month or next year. A normal niu chap in mengatal cost rm8!! crazieee

    @chloe: yalor... I refuse to post those pictures for privacy purposes. Dont want to spoil their 'water faces'

    @borneo falcon: how come u deleted the 1st comment? oh yeah~ my bad..its TYT bufday :p

  6. ahhh!!
    i so wana go tanjung aru!
    dey hav giant jug of drinks thr!

    u shud post de cinderella movie


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